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Preparing for- Not So photo day -Homeschool version.

Homeschooling has been such an amazing and wonderful journey. One of the coolest parts about it has been getting to teach and meet so many wonderful families with so many amazing and interesting personalities.

Let your homeschoolers personality shine thru on photo day and encourage them to include something they love in a shot. Whether it be a favorite hat, stuffed animal, or a big green frog (that they will gently return to the pond after). Make some memories that truly reflect them at this age. Let them wear that awesome fox headband and tail. It will be perfect, I promise you... And your future self will thank you.

Dos for photo day.

1) Plan ahead to try to get the best night sleep possible for homeschooler and yourself

2) Do encourage your homeschooler to help pick out their photo day outfit so they can be excited for the upcoming photo day

3) Make sure to eat a good breakfast on photo day

4) Bring your sense of humor. There may be a need to break out the "fart sound effect" to get some smiles.

5) Have fun and enjoy every moment- time flies by

Do Not's for photo day.

1) Try to avoid super messy snacks/lunch this day. Red sauce and chocolate are not your friends

2) Try to avoid having your homeschooler wear very large logos or graphics

3) Do not worry about a small scrapes and cuts- those can be easily edited away

4) Overly stress- your vibe affects your tribe

5) Do not stress about the shoes! They will not even be showing in most or all of the shots! Unless your homeschooler shoes up in matching Chuck Taylors, then you know those will have to be a special photo opt. ;)


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