Printing Portraits + Wall Art

Now that you have all those gorgeous portraits you should show them off! No one will get to ever see them if they just live on a flash drive or desktop computer somewhere. Here are some ideas for you on what to do with your edited high-resolution portraits. 

The Importance of Professional Printing Labs

Ordering your photographs thru my professional lab ensures that the color and quality will be excellent. When you order your prints from a box store or somewhere online that is not a pro-lab you are not getting the best quality inks, the best papers, and the best quality. 

Here is how to easily order your favorite photographs after your session from my professional lab:

1) You will get an email from me with your edited gallery 2 weeks after your session

2) You get to download the photographs that came with your package at no extra charge

3) You can purchase professional quality prints of all sizes directly from your gallery and they will be shipped directly to your home

4) If you would like to purchase additional downloads you can also do so directly from your gallery

Want To Show Off Your Favorite Photographs??

That's easy- I got you. I can create custom wall arrangements with your favorite photographs to show you how large canvases would look in your home.


Here's how: 

1) You send me a clear cell phone picture of the room you would like to see them in (please try to include windows in the photograph) or I can use one of my sample rooms. 

2) I make a custom design especially for you with your favorite photographs. You can then view it, and if you love it easily purchase those large canvases, to be shipped right to your doorstep. 


Questions? Need any help? Just call or text me at (401) 862-9435

This is an example of what I can do with custom designs. This shows you how large canvases will look on your walls.

gallery-snapshot (2).jpeg