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Breaking News-Giant Gingerbread Man Spotted at Local Tree Farm...

A giant gingerbread man was spotted in the woods near local tree farm. Turns out the Gingerbread Man wasn’t trying to chase anyone, he just wanted to catch up to us and say thank you for giving back to some great local organizations. You see, the photographer that took this photo had an idea over the summer. She wanted to make a donation to a local non-profit, in the area she was working, when she could, when there was a new mini-session theme. She thought that if she could make a tiny, happy difference in the communities she was working in maybe other people could too? Maybe it could lead to something wonderful.

What if everyone that was able to, made some sort of donation in the communities that they were working in? The monetary amount wouldn’t matter so much, as the point is doing what you can afford to, to give back. This year, this photographer was able to make a tiny happy difference in the communities she worked in. Booking these mini sessions not only meant being able to help take care of her family, but it also meant being able to give back. To give back to Equine Rescue after a “Unicorn Photo Session”, to Monarch Butterfly conservation after a photo-session on a farm with wildflowers, to a local dog rescue after a photo-session with an adorable little girl and her rescue dog, and to local families in need this holiday season after photo-sessions on a tree farm.

These organizations are just a few of the amazing organizations out there that make our world a better place. If you are a business and are looking for a way to make a tiny, happy difference in the world this year please consider joining me in donating back to the communities you work in. If you already are donating back, then a big virtual high-five to you. YOU are helping to make this great big world we live in a better place for all that call it home. Hank the Gingerbread Man thanks you, as do I. Dream big, keep creating, and give back.

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