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Giving Back

Giving back is very important to me across my small businesses. Today, I was able to make a donation to "Save Our Monarchs". I wish I had a million to give but every penny counts, and hopefully my $25 donation will make a small difference in the world.

I decided I wanted to give back in the area I was working in, so since my current photo sessions were with flowers (at Dame Farm Orchards), I decided to donate back to butterflies.

Darleen, who is part of the family that owns the farm was telling me this morning about how special Monarchs are to her family and they had released some on the farm a few years back.

If you want to help support the Monarch Butterflies, (which were sadly recently added to the Endangered Species List) you can order some free seeds from "Save Our Monarchs" website. I am dropping the link here.

Thank you, to my amazing photo helper, Kathryn from the "Barefoot in New England Blog", for the beautiful butterfly video from the farm today.


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