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How to Style Your Photo Session

One of the most common questions people have when preparing for a photo shoot is what to wear and what to bring. You want everyone in the photos to look their best but you also want all the details in the photos to tie together so it looks cohesive but not overly matching. These simple tips will give you a better idea on how you can style your own outfits, accessories, and props so that everything meshes together but still pays tribute to who you are as a family.

Styling Your Photo Session

• Coordinate Colors & Make Sure Everything Is Pressed/Ironed

Most families tend to match their outfits by pattern or color but for the best results, you'll want to skip putting everyone in matching clothes and colors and instead coordinate their outfits to play off of one another. Let one of the family members secretly be the star of the photo shoot. Dress them in an outfit that consists of your key color. Keep the rest of the family outfits simple with pops of color that coordinate with the star of the show outfit. And don't forget to take the shoes into consideration as well. The most important thing is to have clothes that fit and that are well pressed/ironed. A good photographer can easily remove a small stain, but wrinkly clothes are not so fixable in post-production.

• Accessories

Skip the jewelry and instead think about hats, scarves sweaters, vests, jackets or even flowers to hold or put in the hair. Consider accessorizing your kids in layers, textures and offer something for everyone to interact with. You don't want the accessories to overwhelm the image but they can be a great way to offer a lot of variety throughout your shoot. Think of things that can be easily taken off or put back on.

• Props

It can be easier to work with children especially if they have something to play around with or hold for some of the images. Think about adding in some props that are meaningful to you and your family, maybe a favorite stuffed animal, family quilt or heirloom can be a great addition to your photo session. When choosing props ensure that they fit in well with the photo session and coordinate with the colors in your outfits. Flowers, apples, or pumpkins (seasonally) are also a few great ideas for props.

• Style Tools That Professional Photographers Can Subscribe To

Some professional photographers, subscribe to styling tools to help their clients visualize colors and easily select outfits that look amazing together. I have this online tool that I can share with my clients. It's super easy to use and worth every penny. It asks you just a few questions about colors you like and then shows you a bunch of sample outfits that work well together. My clients can then use this tool and find similar colors right from their closets', or it shows you exactly where to buy the outfits online. This high-end planning tool makes for stress free outfit planning. Win for Moms everywhere!

Enjoy your day everyone,

From Carissa Leveille Nylin

Owner of Ella Grace Photography

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